Dealers are missing out… – November Newsletter

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Dealers missing chance to reach 40% of Facebook users

Not only are dealers missing out on a large proportion of the relevant Facebook audience, they are also missing the opportunity to make their social marketing more effective, according to new research by electronic customer relationship management systems provider Marketing Delivery. 

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Increasing Sales Conversions – October Newsletter

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Hyundai dealer group converts 44 ‘Undecided’ enquiries to ‘Sold’ with ‘Car Alerts’

Don’t regret the customer that got away: Learn how one of our dealer groups successfully converted 44 ‘undecided’ customers to ‘Sold’ in their first 10 weeks using ‘Car Alerts’.

These were customers who, after making an initial enquiry had decided (for whatever reason) not to purchase on the day.  Then, after a period of 7-days, these customers started to receive ‘Car Alerts’ messages – and the 44 cars were sold to customers who had received one or more ‘Car Alerts’ message.

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Lost Sale Conversions – September Newsletter

Read our September Newsletter about Lost Sale Conversions!

Mercedes-Benz Dealer converts 56 ‘Lost Sale’ enquiries to ‘Sold’

Learn how our latest Mercedes-Benz dealer converted 56 enquiries that had been closed-off as ‘Lost Sales’ into sold and delivered cars, and how 45% of the ‘Lost Sale’ enquiries from a Volkswagen dealer group replied that they were ‘still looking to purchase!’

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