Aftersales Customer Records Lack Crucial Data

  • More than 50,000 aftersales customer records evaluated
  • Email address is the most common missing field
  • Data deficiencies limit potential to generate and convert leads
  • Findings show there is room for improvement across all dealer groups 

Dealers are, on average, missing crucial information in almost one third of their customer aftersales records, according to new research by Marketing Delivery.

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The next BIG THING? The same old thing!

We get asked a lot by clients “what’s the next BIG thing?”.

Where to start?!

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Why the Winter Health Check?

We were recently asked by a client to check for the number of vehicles due for a service in November, as the bookings seemed low. We took a look and, yes, the number of potential bookings – customers with vehicles due a service – did seem light.

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What does the “Connected Customer” want?

The 21st century car dealership customer is a complicated being. Growing up in the 20th century and experiencing the emergence of “new” technology, today’s customer is an intriguing blend of old values and new tech.

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Service Reminder Success

The latest analysis on service reminder contact cycles shows that, contrary to common practice, there is no reason to be afraid of contacting customers more often when a service is due.

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