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The Future of Social Media

You’ve heard us talk about the maturing of social media, but with such a fast-paced industry it’s crucial to keep an eye on what’s coming next. With that in mind, we’ve decided to put together some Marketing Delivery predictions on the future of social media.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger used as social platforms

We are already seeing signs of Messenger integration within the Facebook Advertising platform and mentions of WhatsApp becoming a viable business tool after changing their terms and conditions.

Twitter adapts to keep up with the competition

Facebook has introduced Facebook Company Pages and Instagram offers Business Profiles, but Twitter users are still struggling to fit two sentences into a bio and sufficient information into a 140-character limit for tweets. We believe Twitter will need to adapt if it wants to be competitive with its commercial offering.

Paid reach will be used to support organic reach

Marketing Delivery’s own research shows that Facebook Pages that invest in paid advertising have an increase in organic reach due to their content being deemed more relevant to users.

Increased social activity leads to increased buying power

Through social media, consumers have a better insight into a car dealer’s culture, history and customer service than ever before – and they can use this to inform their decisions before even interacting with the company, let alone visiting the dealership. Customers can enquire about cars and ‘shop around’ from the comfort of their social media accounts, often being able to draw comparisons between dealers using a single platform.

Facebook as the leading targeted advertising tool

Successful social media activity is heavily dependent on knowing your audience, and dealers can use Facebook Advertising to create different audience types to get the most out of their budgets.

The broadest level of targeted advertising that we manage uses a ‘Lookalike’ audience. This uses your existing customer records to scout for individuals with similar demographics and interests, and creates a target group of people who are likely to be relevant to the dealer.

Narrowing this down further, a Facebook Tracking Pixel can be placed on the dealer’s website, which uses anonymised data to match up with existing Facebook accounts, thereby creating a more targeted audience of people who have actually shown an interest in the company.


The next level of accuracy uses the dealer’s own customer records to create an even more specific target group, enabling the company to serve advertising to those people who are already known to the business.

Finally, Marketing Delivery offers its clients the most bespoke targeting available using a ‘Micro audience’. This takes the dealer’s data about customers already active within their buying journey or service cycle, and pushes relevant advertising out through a new process that Marketing Delivery calls Social Relationship Management (SRM).



Social Relationship Management empowers dealers across different platforms

The emergence of e-CRM was in response to many consumers preferring to receive an email for communications that would previously have been distributed via post.

The emergence of SRM is Marketing Delivery’s response to engage with consumers who spend much of their time on social media platforms. Those users who would have previously been sent email communications by the dealer can now be served with advertising on Facebook or Instagram, incorporating subtle messages reminding them about a service or MOT due – or alerting them to the range of used cars in the dealer’s stock.

We know that it sometimes takes more than one reminder for a customer to follow up on a call to action, so SRM is another valuable tool for driving conversions.

Social advertising offers a range of formats to display messages in a subtle but eye-catching way, and of course the results can be analysed and subsequent messages tailored accordingly. It’s yet another example of our expertise in data-driven marketing, every step of the way.