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Can we call Facebook Messenger a Social Platform yet?

We recently published an article called The Future of Social Media where we predicted a number of changes within Social Media. These included ‘WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger used as social platforms’.

We have been seeing closer integration with Facebook Messenger and Facebook Advertising but todays App update fully supports our theory with the introduction of ‘Stories’ on the Messenger App titled ‘My day’. This is also a feature that has recently been added to WhatsApp, giving users the ability to update their status.

Similar to Instagram Stories, users are now able to upload or take images within messenger, adding text, filters and so on. Friends are able to see each others stories at the top of the App, above any current chats, and send a message from the image preview.


Facebook Messenger have slowly been adding features that replicate another instant messaging platform, such as face filters and stickers. They have also been keeping up with relevant events and occasions to ensure the most relevant stickers. However, until today these images were only to send to friends or save to your camera roll. Now, users are being encouraged to add their image to ‘My day’, camera roll and their friends individually!

So, can we call Facebook Messenger a Social Platform? We think so.

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