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Welcome to Marketing Delivery - the UK's leading automotive eCRM and Social Media agency.

We are an innovative eCRM and Social Media agency operating exclusively in the automotive sector. We use  existing DMS, Showroom and Aftersales system data to deliver personalised customer communications  to improve conversion, retention and reputation with measurable results.

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Recruiting - Account Manager Vacancy

As an account manager, you'll be the vital link between the company and its clients.

Working in the fast-paced industry of digital marketing and CRM, you’ll be ensuring the smooth running of marketing campaigns and implementation of new client’s CRM programmes, from briefing designers to liaising with developers.

McDonald’s brave move to a local Facebook strategy

McDonald's will launch 14,500 Facebook pages by the end of 2015, in an effort to get every US restaurant connected to customers via social media. This will make McDonalds the biggest brand on Facebook.

Why does this matter to UK car dealers? It’s the same strategy being advocated by us for our clients. 

AM Digital Dealer Conference

We were delighted to be the headline sponsor at the AM Digital Dealer conference 2014. The interest and feedback from our workshop sessions was fantastic and we are delighted to move the conversation on with dealers.

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Will 2015 be the year of Personalisation ?

It seems we aren't alone in noticing how much more engaging personalised content is. This blog post on Formstack tends to agree - and has a nice infographic too.

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How does eCRM improve Sales Conversion?

The Sales eCRM processes employed in our clients' dealerships supports the traditional follow up process, providing a safety net for any "forgotten" opportunities, difficult to contact customers, absences or any of the other multitude of reasons a prospect may not be followed up.

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What's important to the "Connected Customer"?

The 21st century car dealership customer is a complicated being. Growing up in the 20th century and experiencing the emergence of “new” technology, today's customer is an intriguing blend of old values and new tech.

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Greenoaks Group appoint Marketing Delivery to deliver CRM programme

We are launching a eCRM programme across sales and aftersales and managing Facebook pages for the Group’s 3 Mercedes-Benz and Smart dealerships and the Greenoaks Performance Cars outlets in Maidenhead and Reading.

KIA Motors approves Marketing Delivery

We are delighted to have gained approval from KIA for its dealers to use the our CRM and Social Media programmes.

KIA dealers will be able to take advantage of a suite of triggered email, SMS and social communications generated by Marketing Delivery, built around DMS data received daily